A Flower Tour of Spruce Lake

Summer is finally heeeere! After eight months of winter and two weeks of spring, it’s finally summer! Who knows? It might last only 37 minutes, but I’ll enjoy it while I can!

Summer is the time at Spruce Lake where all the flowers explode with colour. They’re all like, “hey pollinators! Look how pretty I am!” I recently took a walk around and snapped a few examples to show you.

Chives! I don’t eat these ones because this is where Adventure Puppy usually pees, but the purple flowers are pretty. They dry well also.

Buttercups are beautiful. I haven’t eaten any since going vegan and cutting all butter from my diet. I wouldn’t suggest eating them at all, actually, since they’re poisonous when eaten raw. Some kinda white flower and fly. I think this is a form of strawberry. I think this is a common violet. These are actually pretty small and grow in singles.Forget-me-nots. It’s hard to not remember the name of this flower.I don’t know the English name of these flowers. They’re everywhere in the summer, especially in boundary areas. In French they’re called “quatre temps”.Wild strawberries! The smaller the strawberry, the larger the flavour and these are the smallest of the small. Not quite ripe yet, however. The long winter means all the berries are delayed in ripening.Speaking of berries, these are greenberries. In a few weeks they’ll turn into blueberries. I don’t suggest eating them yet.Lovely lillacs! I like the way they smell and their purple colour. Too bad their blooming corresponds to the mosquito crop so I’m not around as much to witness them flower.This beauty is called a Blue Flag Iris, probably the most elaborate flower at Spruce Lake. They like to grow at the edge of lakes, ponds, and sometimes ditches. Fun fact, it’s the national flower of Quebec.The last dandelion if spring. Did you know “dandelion” comes from the French description of their leaves? “Dents de lion” literally means “lion’s teeth” and is meant to describe the spiky leaf shape.I don’t think these are dandelions. Look at the smooth leaf shape. They must be a distant, toothless cousin.These are called Orange Hawkweed and they smell sweet and pungent. They grow in short grasses and if you walk barefoot you can tear the heads off with your toes. My record is four in one kick.Let’s not forget about water lilies! Apparently they’re symbolic of Buddhism because the flower of enlightenment rises above the brackish water of ignorance. They don’t seem to grow very well at Spruce Lake.I hope you enjoyed my photo tour of the flowers around Spruce Lake!

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