Photo of the Month – Mathilda the Mallard

Mathilda the Mallard understands that ducks are water wading creatures. Water is their natural habitat and as such, they’re drawn to aquatic environments. No one told Mathilda that the water had to be in liquid form. I admire Mathila’s outside the box thinking. We should all be like Mathlida.

At this time of the year Mathilda is looking for a mate to help her nest. She was probably born on or near Spruce-Lake, because mallards tend to return to the same territory to nest.

After she finds her Romeo, Mathilda will lay 8-12 eggs. You read that correctly. This itty bitty fowl that’s mostly feathers and feet will lay up to a dozen eggs. Wowzers. If those eggs get damaged or the nest destroyed she can renest if needed, but typically she’ll raise a single brood per year.

About 10 days after the ducklings hatch, Mathilda’s Romeo will wander off to hang out with his guy pals, abandoning the ducklings and mom. Typical.

Life is tough for Mathilda the Mallard as a single mom. However, instead of wading through the thick snow drifts of life, Mathilda floats above it. She thinks outside the box and gets it done. Be like Mathilda. Embrace your inner Mallard.

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