Gear Review – Ticket to the Moon Hammock and Tree Friendly Straps

They’re swing sets but for grown-ups. They’re aerial pods for napping. You can get into it for very little money, and you can participate at any age. Hammocking is the cross-cultural sleeping system for the people.

There is one company that has set out to change the way hammocks are made: Ticket to the Moon. They claim to have invented the parachute hammock. Whether that’s true or not I can’t say, but they do make a darn good hammock.

I’ve had the King Size hammock for about 5 years now. I bought it so the boss and I can both hammock together. It’s made of parachute nylon and is super compact for storage. It stuffs into a small inner pouch sewn into one of the edges. Tucked away like this it’s ends up being about the size of an American football.

Big on fun, small in size.

The ends are bunched together and sewn wrapped around some heavy rope with an S-hook at the end. No carabiner to rust, break, or bend. No O-ring to tie a line to. You don’t even need to learn climbing knots that are impossible to untie. Just a rope and hook. It’s a simple design that just works.

It doesn’t get more basic than a rope and a hook. Basic is good. Fewer points to fail.

Although the fabric feels thin, it’s plenty strong for two adults and an Adventure Puppy. It’s held up for five years and still looks new.

The Tree Friendly straps are new to me and I’m a huge fan. The extra wide webbing means you won’t be damaging any trees with thinner rope. Setting it up is easier than falling out of a tree. Just twirl it around a tree and you’re good to go.

Rope can “girdle” a tree by strangulation or de-barking. Everything above this old, knotted rope is dead.

Surely there must be some negatives with this hammock? Well, I wouldn’t suggest cold weather camping with this hammock. You’d need at least an underquilt and sleeping pad in addition to a sleeping bag. The parachute nylon is thin, so your back will get cold in cold weather. On the flip-side, you’ll stay nice and cool in the summer!

The straps fit around any tree that can support your weight, and even some very large ones. No knots to tie. None to undo!

I have no affiliation with this company, nor is this a sponsored post. I just like their hammocks! So, if you’re looking to upgrade your nap game with a good three season hammock, take a look at Ticket to the Moon. They make a great hammock system and dead simple tree straps.

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