Photo of the Month: Cuteness Overload

Take a gander at what the game camera caught at Spruce Lake last year. I think baby animals are generally 126% cuter than their adult counterparts, but baby deer are just off the charts adorable.

Maybe it’s a super power animals have? If babies are cute, are they less likely to become food? Maybe “cuteness” is a trait only humans can recognize? Whatever the case, I’m glad our game cameras caught this little guy and his mom.

These are white tail deer. I’m guessing that the little one is 4-8 weeks old. Once fawns are born in May/June, their mothers keep them hidden under vegetation. This keeps them hidden from predators by not spreading their scent around. After about 4 weeks the fawns start venturing out with their mothers to forage. Since this photo was taken early June, I’d say this was one of the first explorations with mummy.

This photo was taken last year. Mr. Frisky would have lost his spots last fall, so any photos now would not resemble him. <sigh…> they grow up so fast… Hopefully I’ll have a few recent ones to share on the next Photo of the Month! Stay tuned!

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