But will it cut?

I’ve been holding on to this knife like a lucky charm for the past 3 years. I bought it off Amazon for about 20$. It’s been used, abused, and it’s never complained or failed to serve me reliably. If you’re in the market for a good pocketknife, keep reading.

The CRKT Pazoda is my EDC or Every Day Carry knife. I work in an office job in the city and occasionally get out to the country on the weekends. This knife goes everywhere with me and in all weather.

My preferred carry for the CRKT Pazoda is in the coin pocket of jeans, but it’ll work equally well in fancy pants.

Is it durable?
I’ve cut Amazon boxes, food and food packages, tree branches, sharpened pencils, made feather sticks and more. So far the Pazoda’s edge hasn’t rolled or chipped. Once I used it to debark a large log. That left the blade leaning to the left, but that was a dumb thing to do. Now the blade rubs the liner when it opens and closes.

The liner lock is easy to operate and has never failed. The scales have never come loose and all the screws are still tight. The clip itself has never bent or moved out of place.

The pass through design means no lint, debris, or water accumulates inside the knife handle. 

Is it functional?
Being Canadian, it’s important that I can open a pocket knife with cold hands. With the Pazoda, this is no problem. The big hole in the blade works better than a button. Sometimes those blade buttons are too close to the pivot and that makes it really hard to open, but with the Pazoda’s cutaway oval it’s effortless.

Drawing and opening one handed is a breeze. Am I going to put down my M&Ms just so I can use both hands to open my Buck, like some kind of prehistoric primate? Nope. A pinch grip on the clip and the Pazoda is free of my pocket. A flick of my right thumb and it’s deployed. A flick of the wrist and the package is opened and I’ve got M&Ms in my face hole.

Easy to open with a flick of the thumb.

The gimping on the spine is actually useful. This is because the spine flares up a little into my thumb giving me a little more leverage. I love good design.

Gimping (those bumps under my thumb) really help me get leverage when needed.

So maybe this knife doesn’t have all the bells and whistles a Swiss Army knife has, but unless you work in a specialized profession (in which case you’d have better and more appropriate tools) you don’t need those gadgets.

Is it pretty?
What is pretty? It doesn’t look like a flower. Sure, it’s got delicate sweeping lines and a nice grey coating on the blade. I think what makes it really pretty is that it’s just a well designed knife.

But really, who cares? It’s a tool. Do you fret over the colour combinations of your screwdrivers, or do you stop to admire the curves of your pliers? Probably not. It’s pretty because it’s quality.

Quality is always pretty…

What it is NOT is a “tactical-ninja-pew-pew-knife”. When I whip out this baby in a restaurant to cut my overdone steak, the stranger beside me will reach for the pepper and not the pepper spray. A pocket knife shouldn’t scare people.

One thing I don’t like.
If I have to pick nits, then I’d say that I don’t see the point to pointy pocket knives. It’s not like I’m going to be stabbing baddies with it! Having a sharp point is OK, but a sheepsfoot or chisel tip style might work just as well. Still, there are many knives out there with that shape, so if it was an issue then that’s on me.

The conclusion.
Yup, I’d recommend this knife to any urbanite or weekend adventurer. It’s tough enough for most people and stows away discretely. They’re inexpensive, designed intelligently, and will serve you well as a pocket knife. So I guess the answer is yes, “this knife… will cut”. 

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