Photo of the Month – a Forest Horse Appears

I haven’t seen a moose at Spruce Lake since I was a kid! I caught this curious fellow on my game camera in the summer of 2018. He ambled around the property with his ears perked up, listening for anything worth listening to. He must’ve felt comfortable since he stuck around for 2 days.

I say “he” because if you look closely at his forehead you can see two nubs growing just above his eyes. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s a two year old bull moose just looking for some calories. Just look at that expression!

Moose typically don’t grow their antlers until after their first year. They’ll grow until September-ish and they fall off between November and March.

The word “moose” comes from an Algonquin word “moz” or “monz” and means “twig eater”. This is surprising since they’ll need to consume as much as 10,000 calories a day to maintain itself. Imagine 10,000 calories in twigs? What does that even look like?

If this guy is one of the lucky 50% that doesn’t fall prey to hunting, predation, or disease he can grow up to an average 880 lbs and max out at a beefy (moosey?) 1,800 lbs. For comparison, a stallion Canadian horse averages 1,050-1,350 lbs. So, to call this a forest horse is not an unfair comparison. Spruce-lake Horse just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

If I’m lucky, I’ll see this guy again and again in the next 20 years of his average lifespan. Maybe he’ll make Photo of the Month, 2037? Stick around and find out!

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