Photo of the Month – The Red Fox

Clever as a fox? Maybe. Interesting? Most certainly!
The red fox is pretty rare to see in my neck of the woods, but luckily enough my game camera caught sight of one. Generally, red foxes are nocturnal hunters and so to capture these photos during the day is unusual.

What’s even more incredible is the temperature. Look at the temperature stamp on the photo! If I had to walk around barefoot at -30C with nothing but my body hair to keep me warm, I would be losing body parts. This little guy seems unfazed.

Oddly enough, foxes mate during the winter season. I wonder if this is a male out hunting for the small rodents they like to eat, like voles, mice, and rabbits? The males are the ones to bring food back to the nursing vixens.

Check out that tail. For an adult, the Fox’s tail measures 70% of the head and body length. They use those tails like squirrels do: for balance in jumping and climbing and as a warm cover. So, I suppose it would be fair to call these “squirrel dogs”? Yup, that’s my new name for them. The Red Squirrel Dog of Winter. I hope he sticks around!

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